CEP Compression is launching this month its 3.0 sock with new features designed to combine comfort and performance at an affordable price point. A true graduated compression solution with more than six miles of engineered threading, the new sock was developed to give runners and other athletes the kind of pressure that builds confidence and endurance.

Featuring a new design and color concept, CEP’s 3.0 sock offers a variety of styles that are easy to combine. The 3.0 sock combines 16 different yarns in its construction, more than twice that of its predecessor — making the product softer, more comfortable and easier to put on. The 3.0 sock keeps the body cool on hot days and warm during cold days and its new moisture and clima management systems help keep sweat at bay. A knitted, asymmetric toe box is also intended to fit the natural shape of the foot and toe for a more seamless feel.

“With the launch of the 3.0 sock, we’re carrying forward CEP’s reputation for comfort and medical-grade quality into a new look and feel,” says CEP senior VP Luke Rowe. “While graduated compression wear can be useful to have on during activity, some of its biggest benefits have to do with recovery and injury prevention,” he adds.